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Straight pull

Delivering versatility and peak performance with the Taipan X. This meticulously balanced rifle, featuring the added versatility of a straight-pull bolt, excels in various shooting scenarios – whether on the bench, prone position, or with the support of a bipod or shooting bag. Experience extended shot capabilities when precision matters most.


Pump action

Experience the Ultimate Versatile Hunting Rifle with the Tapian X. Our innovative spring-assist pump feature is engineered for rapid on target cycling and swift acquisition of moving targets. Say goodbye to fatigue as our design ensures consistent cartridge feeding, allowing you to focus on the hunt without missing a beat.


Straight pull bolt

Revolutionise your shooting experience with the Taipan X's removable straight pull bolt handle. This game-changing feature sets our rifle apart in the market. It effortlessly transitions from fast-paced hunting in challenging terrain to providing remarkable stability off the bipod for precision extended-range shots. The knurled, free-spinning bolt handle ensures exceptional grip and smooth functionality in every scenario.


Spring assist pump action

Experience reliability and reduced fatigue with the enclosed handguard action spring on the Taipan X. This innovative feature ensures consistent and dependable rifle cycling during pump action operation. Moreover, it alleviates shooter fatigue. Additionally, the consistent forward motion of the bolt carrier enhances magazine-fed ammunition feeding for uninterrupted performance.

Case deflector

Enhanced ejected case control with the replaceable glass-filled nylon case deflector on the Taipan X. This practical feature improves case management while offering essential protection for both the rifle and shooter.


The Tapian X redefines excellence in the world of hunting and extended-range rifles.


Merging the finest qualities of a hunting rifle designed for swift action with the precision of an extended-range rifle tailored for varmint control, it stands as the pinnacle of the renowned Taipan series' evolution.

With an array of enhanced features, the Taipan X delivers an unparalleled shooting experience, offering exceptional accuracy from its 16.5-inch barrel when utilized with a bipod, tripod or shooting bag.

SCSA is dedicated to elevating your Tapian X experience by introducing a range of upcoming accessories. Notably, the popular folding mechanism from the TSP X and the TAIPAN Light seamlessly integrates with the Tapian X, and be sure to stay tuned for the impending release of the ARCA Swiss rail adapter. This accessory is perfect for those seeking to unlock the rifle's tripod shooting potential. It is also compatible with the previous TAIPAN LIGHT model.

Your Taipan X adventure awaits.

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